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NIPPO ® Electronic, Calculating Time Recorder
Calculating time recorder options Calculating time clock

Calculates Daily Working Hours
Daily working hours are printed on
Calcolo cards (for up to
50 people)
to assist payroll accounting.

Automatic card recognition.
Selects correct column automatically with over Midnight button to print on the previous day line.

Clocks one IN and one OUT daily.
Option: Can be set to Automatically deduct a preset lunch break after 6 hours work. Loves dusty conditions.

"Password" Security
To prevent improper usage, a 4
Digit number can be input before settings can be changed.

24 Hour LCD Clock - Pay Periods
Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly.
Unique Dust drop through feature
Easily Desk top or Wall Mounted.

QUALITY FROM JAPAN Calculates for 50 staff
Compact and efficent QUALITY FROM JAPAN
Calculates for 50 staff Compact and efficent
Top quality, High tech.
Calculating Time Recorder.
Wholesaler direct Special.
Small business budget price.
     Special calcolo timecards
Clocking of lunch break.
Click New SEIKO QR-395.


Weight  1.5 kg.
Imprint Mode
Clear precise Dot Matrix
printer with Black print
ribbon cassette.
Calcolo timecards just $110 per 800 delivered express overnight.

Daylight saving
We pre-set it for your State
Power Source
AC 240V (+/- 10%), 50/60Hz
Time Base
Quartz Oscillation accuracy.
2 year warranty on faulty units
Promotion Pricing & Options
            Down from Normal Price
Prices include GST and freight by Australia Post fast Satchel
to your door or Post Office.
Bonus extra print ribbon

Purchase complete package.
With 300 Calcolo timecards and 20 position wall mount cardrack, full pre-delivery and setup, Promotion price $396.

Sole Australian & Oceania Distributor
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